SAORI Sewing Workshop: A 2-Day Intensive!

You’ve put your heart into weaving a beautiful piece of fabric. It’s off your loom, it’s crying out “Wear me!” and you’re just waiting for it to tell you what it wants to be. Now what?

Cutting and sewing handwoven fabric can be very intimidating, especially for those of us who are not frequent sewists.

We’ve come to the rescue and have put together this much-requested workshop on May 5-6, 2023 offering step-by-step guidance from “just-off-the-loom” cloth to something wearable, and you’ll go home with a completed garment, new skills, and a big feeling of accomplishment!

Topics & Skills Covered:

We’ll begin with learning some common seams used in SAORI clothing construction, and then we’ll practice sewing those seams using “scrap” commercial, lightweight fabric you’ll bring from home.

As confidence builds, we’ll turn the focus to basic garment design, and you’ll choose your project from three separate garment plans that are simple in construction, yet flattering and stylish.

Since SAORI garment design generally uses simple lines without darts or tailoring, creating your chosen project with muslin or other commercial cotton fabric from home is the next quick step. This is the time to work out any bugs!

Up next is laying out your precious handwoven cloth… and then the magic can begin! Everyone’s biggest fear is cutting their handwoven cloth, but we’ll show you how to do that safely and with complete confidence!

The remainder of the workshop will be spent focusing on the construction and embellishment of your project.

Sewing with SAORI fabric on a sewing machine

When & Where:

It’s no mistake that we’ve scheduled this SAORI intensive for the weekend before Mother’s Day! Make lodging arrangements NOW and plan to enjoy this time you’ve set aside just for you and the craft you love.

  • Dates: Friday May 5 – Saturday, May 6, 2023
  • Time: 10am – 4pm both days
  • Location: Wimberley Valley SAORI
  • Cost: $395
  • Other Details: Box lunch provided. Limited seating available.

Sign up today, and share this with your fiber friends too!

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