Hello, friends! I am so excited to announce that registration is now open for our second annual Texas Freestyle Textiles Retreat!

This year’s retreat will be a five-day event (3 full days, one half day, and an evening welcome event) focused on introducing and celebrating freestyle art that I’m co-hosting with Debra Lambert of Picasso’s Moon. This retreat will be held in the beautiful hill country of Wimberley, Texas from November 9-13, 2022. And early-bird registration is now open, through July 31!

The emphasis and theme this year is creativity in our daily lives. We often think that we need to carve out a big chunk of time in order to nurture own creativity, but it really can be just a moment by moment thing. We will begin a conversation during our time together, inspired by some of Brene Brown’s writing, that will spark ideas for living an authentic daily creative life. Being in retreat and socializing with creative friends is a wonderful time to recommit to a daily creative process.

2022 Texas Freestyle Textiles Retreat - November 9-13 2022 in Wimberley Texas

This year, we’re offering a huge selection of classes to choose from, and we’ve expanded our team of teachers to EIGHT!

  • Freestyle Weaving for the Creative Spirit
  • Let’s Mix It Up! Creative Warping and Wefting Using a Rigid Heddle Loom!
  • SAORI Kai
  • Freestyle Meets Tapestry Weaving
  • Creative Mending: Japanese Inspiration
  • Spinning for Beginners: “Spinning the Herd”
  • Sit & Fit (The Sequel!)
  • Getting “Batty” with It: Art Batt Making Tools & Techniques
  • Art Yarn Spinning
  • Nano Electric Wheel Yarn Spinning
  • Patchwork Drawstring Pouch
  • Tiny Tapestries on Nature’s Loom
  • Freestyle Bangle Bracelets
  • SAORI Gift Tube
  • Creative Journal Making
  • Freestyle Knitted Mitts
  • Creative Use of Thrums: Zanshi

This is YOUR retreat! Choose up to 6 classes, or none! It’s up to you. In addition to the many AMAZING classes we’ve lined up, we’re also creating a “Fiber Lounge” for those who just want to be left alone to weave on their own loom (or spin on their own spinning wheel, etc.) and not have an overly ambitious class schedule.

Sign up today to choose your classes, and share this with your fiber friends too!

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